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    You guys know about how for the effects in star wars they used “go-motion” instead of stop motion right, where they moved the models a little bit as they took the still pics so that there was motion blur and it looked real. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there who has fooled around trying to create (in-camera or out) motion blur to give their animation a super-realistic edge?

    (cause you know I’m not gonna bother)





    Well, I doubt anyone here actually has experimented with go-motion, as it’s pretty impractical with legos, but some of us have used motion blur. I personally use the built-in motion blur in After Effects. It works pretty well; does what it’s supposed to do. I believe Bluntman used motion blur in his Wolf movie, but he’s taking an absence right now. You could always email him, I’m sure he’ll be willing to answer you.

    EDIT: And just for the record, ESB (the one that used go-motion) had some of the worst professional stop motion I have ever seen. Those Taun-Taun things were animated so badly. 😥

    Cometgreen, who was originally afraid that theonewiththesharks was a troll 🙂



    I don’t think Theonewiththesharks is a troll, and hes welcome in our community.

    Hi Theonewiththesharks! Long Name! 😆

    We’ll have to shorten it to towts, like in your sig. 🙂

    I haven’t experimented with Motion Blur, actually I’ve never heard of it. But it sounds interesting.




    Well, now that we are in the digitial area, i don’t think the interest of a go-motion. It’s so hard to achieve, cam being synced to the motors of the set…
    You can use motion-blur instead, there are motion blur in every soft, 3D or editing solutions. In AE, the motion blur is good, but in Vegas, you can tweak it, and even keyframe it. I’m making so tests to see the result.



    I used very minimal motion blur in good company: redux in the opening corridor scenes with the doctor walking down them.

    I wasn’t 100% happy with the walking animation, so I added very minimal blur to ‘smooth’ the transition between frames.

    The only other time i have used it (and it wasn’t to make animation smoother) was to increase the effect of the slow-motion shot in my starwars trailer when a light sabre is thrown into the air.




    If you are willing to pay, you should check out RealSmart MotionBlur by RE:vision fx. Its a plug-in for Premiere and AfterEffects and the most common industry leading video editors.

    Think the price is approx $80 – but the results are amazing. check out the test clips in their gallery.


    Also, I know of another software company that is planning to make an in-expensive motion blur application, but I can’t tell anything more about it now.




    thanks for the quick reply and welcomes. I’ll mess around with some of this stuff for sure.



    Brian of Gep

    Can anyone share a completely uncompressed hi-res shot?

    I want to see it’s full capabilities, please. 🙂

    (Preferably from someone who has good lighting, like The Janitor)



    I just use Adobe AfterFX to do the trick. nice n easy.



    How are you using the motion blur in After Effects to achieve go-motion-like results? I’ll admit my copy is a bit dated but as far as I know AE can only blur motion keyframed in the prog itself – it won’t examine two frames and blur them where they are different. That would be amazing! Can you be more specific about what you’re doing?

    I was considering a technique of creating masks in AE and applying blurs manually on large/quick movements, judging it by eye. It would be an awful lot of work but I think it might work. I’ve never read about it being attempted in all the effects books I’ve come across. Be the first!


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