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    After many technical difficulties, Great Microbiologists is finished and ready for download at my movies page

    The smallest version I have available at this time is 16.1 MB, but I’ll make a smaller one soon and update this post when I have it uploaded. It’s nearly 9 minutes long, almost all of it animated, so there’s not gonna be a way to knock this one down to a couple megs and maintain any semblence of quality.

    This film was created to commemorate my girlfriend Libby’s graduation from Colorado State University with a microbiology degree and her acceptance into medical school, although she was finally accepted after I had completed most of the film. The primary purpose of Great Microbiologists was to be shown at the party thrown by Libby and her friend Katie. Quite a number of faculty from the Microbiology Department showed up, as well as other students from that department. So that was the reason the subject of great microbiologists was chosen, and that will need to be kept in mind while viewing the film. You will also need to keep in mind that it was designed for a specific set of people, and so a couple of the characters will have names or behaviors that are meaningless to anyone who is not familiar with them. Primarily this will be Libby and Katie, as well as their other friend April, who also graduated and has landed a marvelous job as a professional bird trainer.

    I tried to be funny and historically accurate at the same time. I did a lot of research to try and find some points to touch on, and discovered two of the more important characters in the history of this particular science. I also discovered that microbiology is an extremely unfunny subject, and to produce some humorous material in this realm was a major undertaking. I admit that some of the jokes are really reaching and may not be understood after one or even two watchings.

    The film is also somewhat informative, and therefore may be a bit boring in spots. I did try to put some action in the background whenever the narrator was talking about some of the more boring stuff, so for the most part there’s always something at least mildly entertaining going on. But the fact still remains that the primary subject of the film is microbiology, and there’s really no getting around some amount of dryness.

    Great Microbiologists was very well received at the party and several professors mentioned classes that they’d like to see it shown in. Perhaps GM or a close version of it will become a common tool used by introductory micro teachers every semester. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it as well, and possibly even learn something while you’re at it.

    Special thanks to wandrer and Lowweek for providing voices for the two historical figures covered. I think their contributions are the most notable part of this film.



    Downloading the high verison right now! Oooh… A Revmen Film! Goody goody gumdrops! 🙂

    Review *Will Spoil Stuff*:

    YEEEEEAH! What a great film! Loved the comeback of Diplomacy! 🙂
    I liked The joke about the yogurt and parrot fever.


    No problem.

    …The Terminator.

    Very smooth animation. I liked the animalcules thing and how everything was said in captions with the same language being said. Made it more real! Liked the boy who was infected with rabies by a dog… and was acting like one. Congradulations to Libby and Katey!

    End of Review *With Spoilers*




    Downloading Veryhigh quality version now….review soon.



    The set design and characters were well done. I like the props too. the voice acting was well done. image quality was good too. what cam did you use?



    “kingdomwinds” wrote: what cam did you use?

    Actually I used two separate cameras. One was a “Wondereye” which I bought at Wal-Mart for $17.88. The other was a Logitech QC Pro 4000. Can you tell which scenes were filmed with each? I’m rather impressed with the quality of the Wondereye, though I admit it took a great deal more fiddling with the settings to get a decent looking picture.



    I didn’t think educational films could get this entertaining! Congratulations on a really excellent infomercial 😛

    The use of different languages and excellent voice-acting is the best I’ve seen yet. I was really impressed.. And the people seemed REAL and believeable in their moves and gesticulations.

    I kept being impressed by the quality of the simultaneous animation of the narrator and the microbiologists fooling around in the background.



    Boring what do you mean with boring.

    I couldn’t get my eyes from the screen and watch this great done piece.
    The narrative voice work and all the other was very well. They keeps me watching this and getting more fascinated about the subject.
    The mood in the movie was just great and the “time travel” scene were briliant supprted by the main character.

    The animation was well done and the action at the background looked plannend well.
    Good job.

    The swich between the diffrent languanges was a bit jerky. Well I speak and write dutch, so watching the scene with you and Stefan were a kind of difficult to follow because the swiching languanges.
    But yeah you wanted them speak in their onw languange and not like they do in Holywood where the aliens speak english.

    The sets looked well and all had their own mood that fitted them very well.

    This movie is very well planned out and nicly put together with make’s this movie a MUST TO SEE!!!


    The Janitor

    Wow. That was amazing. I don’t know where to begin.

    I loved the microbiologists working in the backround while the narrator was talking at the beginning, especially the one that kept hammering the microscopes. That was awesome. Both Lowweek and wandrer gave great voice performances, as did Josh and all the other voice actors. The animation itself was excellent. Very smooth, great walking.

    The script was pretty funny for a microbiology movie. I thought the part with Josef was hilarious.

    The sets were all really sweet. You indeed put your Lego collection to great use.

    Awesome movie.



    Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

    Great job!

    Excellent animation, cool jokes, great background stuff (loved the stereoscopic microscope), spot on microbiology wise (brings back my microbiology major at university), voice sync spot on and… and… it was educational!

    Stefan got the best line. Those damn animicules in his toilet water!




    This was really cool!

    Great lighting, animation AND story. Overall a nice use of bricks to make science or history of science available to more people. Also a nice example of working together with other brickfilmers. I suppose you did the story in english and wandrer and loweek translated to dutch and french respectively.

    Well… I really liked this film.


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