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    Hi gang,

    I’ve been away from the forum for a LONG time cause I’ve been busy with lots of other things lately.
    One thing I started working on a while back was a frame-capture software package for Mac users, because a good one didn’t exist.
    Well… someone else beat me to it. and i’m not gonna re-invent the wheel and waste time programming when i don’t need to.

    So, there’s this software called FrameThief (should be added to the F.A.Q. *hint hint*) that does frame capture, frame averaging, onionskinning, lightboxing, drawing on frames and it can save frames as images to a folder, or compile them all into a movie automatically. nice! Plus, it works native on OSX! (hooray!)
    Only downside is, it costs $40.

    This is the best i’ve seen for Mac users. check it out. ( )




    Hmmm, maybe there’s some value in these Macs after all. Here’s a feature that would have some serious value to a lot of people:

    “Framethief website” wrote:
    FrameThief plug-in architecture allows for the development of feeds based on Digital Still Cameras. This functionality adds a new dimension to animation software. Enabling the animator to produce HDTV or Film quality animations for a relatively tiny investment in equipment.

    Note: The feeds are currently in development and will be available in future releases.



    hey jeffthedrummer, welcome back,

    um and not to burst your bubble, but your “find” has been found before… framethies is not new it’s been around for some time… and so has the promise of being able to use a feed from a digital still cam… that still hasn’t happened….
    And it has been used by brickfilmers before too… most notably by SPITE YOUR FACE Tim and the gang used it in the “Han Solo Affair” to overlay widescreen bars while composing the shots, they later cropped it properly in postproduction. Tim talks about it here … =218.topic

    thanx for the tippoff to those who were unaware of this product tho, it DOES have some nice bells and whistles.- pity it’s for the evil Mac empire though.
    OH, and for anyother mac user who hasn’t switched to a real computer yet …. iStopmotion is sommore stopmo gear for mac



    pity it’s for the evil Mac empire though.

    Heh, usually, people call Microsoft the evil empire. I like Macs; I wish I had one. They are a bit slower compared to the new 3 Ghz machines, and now 64 bit machines, but supposedly, Mac’s upcoming rig is supposed to blow them away. Of course, these opinions are probably biased, so I shouldn’t really think much of them yet. But, they’re probably going to cost $3000 anyway, so I’ll keep my good ole, less expensive AMD machine.

    Cometgreen, an AMD man all the way



    Thus far I have HAD to use a mac for brickfilming. Part of our “indpeendat study” project was that we HAD to use the technology in the school’s computer lab so that it could be easily duplicated by someone the next year. M$ maybe a truly evil empire, but Macs just suck. sure, you dont get the bluescreen of death, but you get the “Polite Message Telling You Everything You Were Working On Is Now Deleted, No Other Programs Were Affected” message.




    Yes! Mac Animation Software! GIMME GIMME GIMME!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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