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    I need a space background for my spaceship set and i think i will use green screen, but is there a free program for green screen that i can use (or like $30.00 or lower)? Please help me with this.
    Also, how do i make laser effects and light sabers and stuff like that? I don’t have any problems with sound, just need to know how to make cool looking lasers.
    If you can give me an answer to any of these two things, please let me know!



    For the light sabers, lasers, etc, look into Axogon. There was actually another thread on our forums suggestion AE, Axagon, or if you’re new to it, LSmaker. It’s full of bugs and pretty basic, but I’d give the others a try.

    About greenscreening, what software do you use to film? Some brick filming or stop motion software has chroma keying available already (for inserting your scenes into a green screen).

    I will link you (It’s actually in the nav bar above) to our resources page. Should have info about Axogon, and help with special effects, chroma keying, etc.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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