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    Hello everyone. I am new around here. I’ve spent hours reading up on techniques for brick films. I get the jist of it and should have my equipment for my first tests. I just have a few questions if you don’t mind taking the time to help me a bit.

    1. What is the best way to film things falling? How many shots should I use. For example maybe someone dropping a t.v from a balcony.

    2. What’s the best way to show multiple things falling. Like say if I want my minifig to throw another through a brick wall, what’s the best way to show those bricks spreading out in a smooth manner?

    3.What are some techniques to show minifigures in one speed moving at different speeds. Like say for instance a relay race. What’s the best way to show one minifig running faster then the other without it looking choppy?

    THis is all I can think of now. Thank you ahead of time for helping me out. I know I haven’t even attempted making films yes (Mainly because I dont have my supplies) and im sure a lot of this will come with practice.


    Joseph Propati

    Hope these responses help.

    1A: I would do the reverse of a jump to copy the effects of a fall. Take a shot of the backgound with nothing in it, then create a device that holds the minifig, then keep taking shots of the minfig getting closer to the ground. Once you have all the shots you need, go into an editor that can do layers! This is critical because you want the image of the background on one layer and the image of the minifig in the falling position on another layer. Now all you have to do is erase the device in the image that is holding up the minifig. Tada! now you have a minifig floating and you do this with the rest of the images and you get a falling minifig!

    2A: You need the stickytack or tape to hold the pieces in place when you take the shots and slowly move the pieces around. Stickytack is awesome because you can use a tiny amount to hold individuals bricks!!

    3A: You are going to have to take photos of each individual minifigs and use the video editing software to overlay or overlap them. You can use a greenscreen effect or use the layer/erase effect to delete all the unwanted part of the image of one or more of the minifigs. So take photos of one main minifig with the original background and all the other minifigs will use green screen or layer erase technique, then use the video editor to lay them all together. Remember also that the minfigs that are going to be running faster will need to have more spaced out movement gaps as compared to the slow running minifig. I will try to put up a video test of what I’m taking about.

    Hope these help!!!

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