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    Can some one post in a picture or description on the layout for animating, like where the camera light and animation should be set out! i’m having real difficulties



    When you are placing your lights, pay attention to where the shadows fall. If you have more than one light available, consider placing the brightest one overhead, shining down on the set, and another close to the camera and aimed horizontally at the set (this will eliminate shadows on the mini-fig faces from hats and fig-wigs).



    JAK, there is no universally correct way to set up your studio. Lighting and camera positioning depend on the type of shot and lighting effect you want. I suggest trying what saulgoode suggested, and then just experiment by changing the positions of the lights and camera a bit and seeing what different effects it produces.

    The best way to learn is to try.



    In fact, I can spend up to an hour – sometimes more – to set up camera and lights for a particular scene. A lot of tinkering can help to get it right. Patience is the key!




    I am hoping to get some new lamps. I did a lighting test with a buch of different bulbs, and for regular daylight, I have founf the a 75w flourescant lightbulb will do the trick. I plan to have one light overtop like saulgoode said, and two on the sides or wherever nesseccary. I have a long 10 ft table with my computer in the end, and the other 7 ft. space for sets, or whatever. I hope to get a ‘wheelie chair’ so I can slide back and fourth as nesseccary. If i ever haf a spare 50 to a 100 dollars I hope to convince my parents to put fabric partitians (however that’s spelled) four feet around the table so if my siblings walk in and turn on the lights the scene isn’t ruined. Hope that helps.

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