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    I have this problem, when I’m making stop motion videos the animation is decent but it gets ruined by flickering lights. When you watch the whole video the lightning changes from every picture. See this video to see what I’m talking about.
    PLZ HELP!!
    Btw some more info. I use 1 lamp for lighting although I have some ceiling lamps 😛



    I recommend either sticking to natural light and shooting at the same time for the same amount of time every day. Or totally blocking out all natural light and making sure you have total control using nothing but artificial light. In light of that (see what I did there?) you should make sure that all the lamps you use have bulbs of equal wattage that are about the same age. An older bulb will give less consistent light than a newer one. Hope this helps. BTW your animation looked very smooth, nice work.



    try not to mix both natural and normal light. i saw your video it was cool and smooth nice job BTW i have the same issue because i accidently put the shadow of my arm on the camera causing it to do weird things



    I noticed you’ve also got this shaking issue. Are you using a tripod? Make sure you don’t knock the camera. Use a shutter remote if possible.



    I’ve got the same problem as in the first post. Any solutions? I can’t cover the window in the filming room as there is no option for curtains :(. I am using two clamp lamps with standard modern bulbs and the main light in the room.

    I’ve uploaded a demo of the video so far:

    Also it has a rushed quality to it which is a pain.

    Any help? Thanks



    Update: I’ve stopped using my lighting altogether except for the ceiling light and the flickering has gone away completely (or pretty much). I think the lights were casting my shadow onto the set or similar. This is a test video I made:



    I recommend diverting all natural light away from your set, as the sun moves, and setting up several desk lamps where they can fully light your set, or have the desired effect. I found that using ceiling lights can also lead to flickering, especially if your set is in direct sun light.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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