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    Here are my details so give me any advice you can. I am new to brickfims and to stop motion. I am old (just turned 41) other than recording video, I have made a movie since making a smal adobe flash video 10 years ago so I am a little out of the software loop. I did make a 10 second clip of two legomen walking and fist pumping to see if I can do it if that counts, lol
    I am getting married next year and going to to a save the date/wedding movie trailer thing to a song. Going to be roughly 5 minutes long and of course using legos to show our life together.
    What I have is all my kids legos, a Sony DSLR camera, tripod, Windows movie maker that came with my Windows 7.
    Should I use something else like ikit movie or will that software have a long learning curve. movie maker seems to be pretty easy. I also may get a webcam to use for some of the filming since my DSLR is so big.

    any suggesetions.



    That is so cool and a great idea good luck and have a great wedding! personally i like windows 7 windows movie maker but i’m 15 and cant afford a program like that. Its your choice. for a camera i don’t know what to recommend i use a cheap cannon and am fine with it.



    Wow! What a very nice idea! You need to have very steady hands or tripod. Webcam would be good as long as its picture quality is great. There are some free version softwares for brickfilming though I’m not acquainted with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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