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    ok ive made a little ezboard forum for those live action filmer, ill be happy to review your films there and such, here is the link now we can keep that over there and keep brickfilm, brickfilms


    EDIT: (Jack Prost is admin)


    I am also VERY certain this topic will be locked. Banjo, why did you feel the need to create a forum, and post a link directly beneaththe link Spike posted? I sure hope this isn’t some attempt to try and get on our good side. Oh, and you do realize that you stole the “create a live action forum” idea from Spike right? Tisk tisk tisk……



    Your light blue on dark gray is making me blind



    yea ill fix it was in rush, ill git to it soon, hopefully this will keep the live action elsewhere



    all i did was make a freaking forum for these live action people so we dont have to see their crap on this brick filming forum.. 🙂



    hey guys no need to fight, but why did you make one right after i did? I’m not seing reasoning, I mean if your trying to make it some sort of competiting then you must be a little out of it,, i i, i just dont see the point here…

    -Chris (needs a confused emoticon)



    Hello people,

    I didn’t want to lock this: the more other places Live Action filmers have, the better! But then again, I don’t want this to get out of hand. Banjo, thedarkside, talk things out through PM, please! I’d like to tell you once more about the forum Bob Page mentioned, which already has some members:

    Remember: if your live-action relates to Lego (for example, “The Quest for the Lost 10031”), it is welcome at BrickFilms!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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