Heroes and Villains

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    The big Brickfilms contest of 2005 is called “Heroes and Villains

    I know, HaV doesn’t spell anything. I decided proper wording of the theme was more important than a clever acronym.

    I’ll be posting the contest page when it is ready, which should be any day. There you’ll find all of the fine print, but this thread will serve as the source for rules and theme clarification as well as a place to discuss the contest in general.

    Here is what the contest page says for the theme:

    The theme of this contest is Heroes and Villains. Your film should portray someone who is Heroic, or someone who is Villainous. You, as a director, must decide whether to tell a tale of virtue, or a story of evil. All genres are fair game; be as creative as you like in making a world where you may bring your portrayal of Heroism or Villainy to life. Will you seek fame? Or will you strive for infamy? The choice is yours.


    The prizes are quite good. There will be another prize pool for 1st 2nd and 3rd places, containing:

    Stop Motion Pro. Yet again SMP has come through with a prize donation for our contest. This is really an excellent prize for our hobby, one that’s tough to beat.

    Another AKG microphone. A lot of people seemed to think this was an excellent idea for a prize, so I’m bringing it back. This one’s provided by brickfilms.

    $50 gift certificate to spend at Active Builders on bricklink. An on-line shopping spree that’s sure to make any Lego lover happy. Provided by brickfilms.

    There are also 2 special prizes to go along with the theme. Judging for the special prizes is yet to be decided, but will likely fall on the shoulders of The Sisters.

    $25 at Active Builders provided by The Sisters for The Most Heroic Hero.

    $25 at Active Builders for The Most Villainous Villain. This one is provided by Kevin at Active Builders.


    The regular judging will be almost identical to the HAT contest. There will be 3 categories instead of 2. Here they are:

    35% – Story
    20% – Theme
    45% – Presentation

    In a sense this is like a 55/45 split for story/presentation, but films that do not stick to the theme will not be able to win.

    A standard format will again be required. It will be the same as last year: Realmedia at no more than 3 MB/minute.

    No minimum time limit. Maximum time is 10 minutes. (extended from 8)

    Submission Deadline is June 13th.

    Absolutely no material may be included in any film that you don’t have permission to use. And if you’re using something you didn’t create yourself (but got permission for), you absolutely must credit the creator. Every song must be credited, even if you made it yourself. And yes, I’m going to be checking.

    That should be enough information to get people started. Bring on the questions.



    Sounds sweet, though I’m not one for time limits.

    When is the deadline?




    Sounds sweet, though I’m not one for time limits.

    If these films are to be shown at BrickFest (not confirmed yet), then time limits will be a necessity.

    Deadline is June 13th.


    David West

    Very cool. I swear that this time I’m entering, or atleast getting a film started.



    This might be the push I need to start animating again!
    I’ve been wimping out lately 😳



    Oh hell yeah, now THIS is a theme I can REALLY sink my teeth into 😀



    * goes down his list of film ideas *

    * fails to see a really heroic hero or a really villainous villain *

    Damn! Now I have to think of something new!

    Stefan (who, as usual, plans to enter, but is likely to run into the “lack of time” syndrome, as usual)



    YEAH WHOOHOO! I just had a perfect idea in my head! I am definetly going to enter! :excited:

    EDIT: After reading the rules again, I imagined an actionfilm without music is considered no action movie at all. And because I don’t have the skills and tools to make my own music, I am going to rethink my opinion, and maybe not enter at all.



    “RevMen” wrote: Expect “that copyright rule” for every official brickfilms contest from now until forevers.


    I guess that means a lot more techno and a lot less good music.

    Now I need to abduct a band and figure out what heroic and villain means.



    “Felix” wrote:


    I guess that means a lot more techno and a lot less good music.

    LOL ROFL LMLAO!! (or something) rave-party!

    anyway, i might even participate.

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