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    DJ Hankey

    Hi my name is DJ Hankey but you can call me DJH for short.
    I have just recently started stop-motion animation with some legos i found around my house. I got inspired to do it by watching really funny videos of this kid that is my age that does videos of his own skits with legos.
    So since i just started can you give me some tips on how to build cenery and ideas for videos.




    What he said ^

    Or you could just use CGI like me 🙂



    Mind your words Rstenoven!

    And hi DJH! Lets see your films!

    Cheers Arend



    You know, I’m pretty sure if an admin lift the filter, the harshnes son that part would be gone, just like the filter. Personally I think it’s stupid to try to hide another site just because it’s catering to the same audience.

    DJH, welcome 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your stuff!



    I was talking about him using the word “gay”. Remember I am against the filter…

    cheers Arend



    I love www.bricksinmotion.com.


    Darth Bocaj

    “BertL” wrote: I love www.bricksinmotion.com.

    I love www[i].[/i]bricksinmotion[i].[/i]com.

    😎 nice technique


    DJ Hankey

    Thank you everybody for the awesome tips.




    Welcome to Brickfilms Bro!

    I was just the way you were at first
    Just search up monkey Jam on google for a good software starter then if you got a good video camera…there you are. although i do so suggest to get maby a sony handy cam for brickfilming (Search the move: The Lego Clan) or even get a cannon powershot. I use the crappy LEGO: steven spielberg camera jus to get started. im saving up to buy a better camera.
    Got any questions for story starters or help on scripts? jus come to me! i’ gladly would like to be any help i can!

    :applause: Xzibit :applause:


    Lewis 97

    Instead of going for monkeyjam I have purchased vegas, although I cannot work out how to edit the fps!!! Can anyone possibly help?

    Also DJH, a handy tip. Try to build the film around the script. Basically make the script, record it on a decent mic, load it up, THEN work out how many frames you will need to take for certain words… Make the animation, and last add the cherry on the cake. Special FX. :mrgreen:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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