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    Just joined. Greetings. Live long and die etc. etc.

    Anyway, who would be interested in seeing the Gilbert and Sullivan play HMS Pinafore if I decided to make it? Just need some feedback so I will know if it will be watched at all. And ideas from G&S fans will be welcomed. (espically for the figures) Thanks!



    I’d watch it… never seen it before, so I’d be fresh.

    I’d really like “The MIkkado” (sp?) done though (that was G&S too if I’m not horribly mistaken?) – John English played the lead in a VERY funny australian production of this one – I’ve only seen it on video though 🙁 , a copy of which I really must try to find again.



    Strider –

    Howdy and welcome to the neighborhood. Your idea of creating a brickmation version of HMS Pinafore definitely sounds interesting.

    My only advice is to be completely unconcerned with whether or not folks around here would be interested in seeing it. Sounds to me like the kind of project that YOU would need to be obsessed with in order to see it to completion. Whether or not the BrickFilms Community is interested in your idea should be the last consideration in deciding whether you tackle a project or not.

    This is especially true of something like this where (not to be too overly negative and old fogey-like) I would be surprised if a high percentage of forum members could even tell Gilbert & Sullivan from Garfunkel & Simon.

    There will most definitely be an audience for something like this. By default, most of the Brickfilmers will watch anything that’s available. But the audience for something like this would be so much larger than this limited one that to a great extent your reception in these forums will be pretty irrelevant.

    That’s not to say I don’t think the feedback that forum members provide is not useful. From a filmmaking standpoint you’ll receive invaluable advice from many folks around here. But there will also be plenty of them that will complain about the music and story.

    But “out there” are zillions of G&S fans who have never even heard of the idea of animating with bricks and when they get a eyeful of your version of HMS Pinafore they will absolutely flip out.

    So get to it!




    I’d love to see it. My parents are big G&S fans and I’ve picked up an appreciation of the music from them. I wish I’d thought of it.

    The only thing I’d suggest is that you consider doing the operetta song by song rather than try to get the whole thing done in one go. That way you can get feedback from people as you go along.



    Thanks for all the tips/ideas. I will probably try for act I, II, etc. in a month or so (someone is borrowing my cam) The only problem is how do I put movies on brickshelf?



    “strider” wrote: The only problem is how do I put movies on brickshelf?

    It’s quite simple. Here are the steps:
    1. Go to BrickShelf.
    2. Click on “Create An Account”.
    3. Fill in the application.
    4. Log into your e-mail and click on the link.
    5. Login with your password.
    6. Create a new folder.
    7. Now you can click “upload” to upload your files.

    *IMPORTANT* You need to post a direct link to your thing because your folder will NOT be public at first!



    I haven’t heard about it before,
    but it sounds cool.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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