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    Alright, since I had seen no threads like this, I decided to make one…
    So- Open for anything about the Holiday season
    discussion. (please keep it kind of clean)
    360 days left till Christmas.
    IDK how many for the other holidays (someone please help a holiday fool!)


    Timothy Ratner

    Pretty nice. I guess that will remind people how much time they have left to buy their relative’s and friend’s presents. 🙂





    Well, if anyone’s interested, here’s my wish list:

    • LEGO
      Clone Turbo Tank
      Clone Trooper Battle Pack
      Clone Scout Walker (seeing a pattern, huh?)
      ARC-170 Starfighter
      Café Corner
      Market Place
      Community Workers
      Hoth Rebel Base
      Bulk LEGO from eBay
      Non-LEGO items
      Canon Powershot, um, the version LOTL has.
      Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End DVD
      Easy Media Creator Suite 10


    WOW! What a WISH list. I wouldn’t even expect to get anything ANYWHERE NEAR that expensive. That is wishful thinking my son. Unless of course you don’t want all of it I bet 😛 They’re just suggestions.

    What I like to do is let my family be creative with getting gifts. Unless there’s something I really need (read: want), I leave it up to them. It’s fun to get strange unexpected things!


    Timothy Ratner

    I only got three. things on my wishlist.

    1. iPod Touch 16gb
    2. iPod Touch iClear case.
    3. Canon Powershot, the one LotL has too.

    I obviously might get all but one of those. *cough*Canon Powershot*cough*



    My avatar is ready!

    And I think LOTL has the A640 but I’m not sure.



    Actually, it’s an A85, so all you guys will have a little trouble getting it.

    I know what I’m getting for Christmas, and I’m not telling. 😛



    Bah humbug.



    “Dave” wrote: Maxtor OneTouch 4, 500GB.

    I read that as 4,500 GB at first and was like “Whoa!”

    My Christmas list is pretty shabby so far:
    A couple of the Ween CDs I don’t already own.
    Maybe a Flight of the Conchords DVD.
    Uh… that’s about it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 230 total)

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