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    Well my friend, shorty-productions, and I are working on a brickfilm, Agent C-O-P . It really has been an on off project, so I decided to start making my own film about the Halo:The Fall of Reach book. It has an AI, artificial intellegience, which is sort of like a hologramic person. I was wondering how I should make a minifig look sorta ghostly or see-through. Please help. Thanks in advance!



    A specialist of that kind of effect is Jay Silver !
    You should check the “howto” guide of ROTE on his website.

    Mainly, you should shoot your character in front of a blue screen, and use it as a layer in your favorite editing / post-processing app. Then adjust the opacity (or transparency) of this layer, and add a glow effect (blue or green). You could also use a kind of TV interlace effect (if you got one) to make the picture look like an old TV (with lines & sync). Just like in StarWars.



    I think it partly matters what software you have. If you have After Effects, than it’s quite simple. A good tutorial is at http://www.crewoftwo.com It uses some plugins, but they aren’t needed.

    If you don’t have AE, you could use most likely Axagon. Ask Bluntman how he did it for his Star Wars trailer. It’s not the best, but it gets the idea across, and you could probably change it as you wish.



    Hypnotic Chipmunk

    Halo’s cool. Hey, could you email me pics of custom minifigs {you’d probly need them for grunts adn elites and such}, I have been pondering doing a similar film production. My email is jkdaut@{nospam}sasktel.net. {take out the {nospam}- }

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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