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    8) O.k. im still writing my script but just came up with a really neat idea for a sequence in my movie. In one part of it two car’s in a junkyard chase a guy on a motorcycle and both hit a bus that makes them barrol roll and crash. How the heck! can i film that? I really want to do it but dont know exactly how to achieve it. Any Idea’s?



    CGI or lots of very quick edits. And luck, lots of luck.

    For that kind of thing, you really need to watch “real” films and see how they do it. Actio sequences are usually filmed from several angles and cut together tightly, but clearly enough that you can see what’s happening. It’s possible, but hard to do well in stopmo.



    That sounds great! But i’m not quite sure what you mean. From what I can tell, one way would be:

    at an intersection, the bus is driving along one road. When it almost reaches the intersection, have the motorcycle shoot right across the bus’s path, untouched. The bus could screech to a stop, closing off the area where the motorcycle went through. Then the two cars could smash directly into the bus and blow up, dent, crumble, crush… you get the idea.

    Another way could be to have the exact same thing, only when the two cars head toward the bus, they swerve to the left and the right of the bus, but not enough. The cars take a heavy blow on the front side, and start spinning in cirlces. Then they could flip over and smash into a building or something.

    It might seem a little involved, but it’s what I would do. 😀

    hope that helped!



    The Janitor

    There is some pretty intense motorcycle and car crashing in the new Matrix film, which I saw today and highly reccommend. Not like you could ever reproduce it, but it’s fricking cool anyway.



    I got tickets 2 months in advanced….and im glad i did ….the lines were at least 120 deep!!!!!(too..many…smiths…)

    Back to the subject…..

    in most of my test animations i use a fish ing line painted over so it doesn’t reflect alot….another way is to start the roll on the side of the bus that u cant see….

    for example…have your camera on the opposite side of the bus
    that the crash takes place….(they did this in a few of the 80s movies i know and love)and film the cars with a real bright light
    (like a flash on a camera right in front of your face bright…) behind the them so that you dont see the string/fishing line and have it done like that…..

    and the lazy way is to cg it or use bsol to take out the line and add explosions before you actually see the crash……………………….. like the motorcycle guy goes under the bus and the guy blows it up causing a veiwer to see nothing but two flashes and then the many pieces of the vehicles laying around…..

    (this probably just confused the crap out of you)



    Moved it to a better place.

    As has been suggested above, the feeling of speed is what makes the difference. For example, in my “Great Inventors” film, I had a car race. In one shot, I’m filming the cars from the front, and the camera is moving with them. The camera is extremely shaky, and lighting is horrible, but it looks great! Just like those cams you get on formula 1 cars.

    But in other parts of the race, the speed is just not obvious enough.

    Good luck!


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