How to I animate with Logitech Quickcam pro 4000?

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    Can you just give me intructions?


    Three words :

    Are You Stupid ?



    If you are so smart tell me


    Okay, I admit I was wrong calling you stupid.
    You should just read the FAQ or the manual that is included with the Quickcam. Asking for a way to animate with a camera is like buying Lego and asking how to put it together.

    You stupid idiot.



    Shut up you S.O.B get a life.
    I bet the noe thing you do all day is sit around with your computer manuals and reading comics, while fixing your thick glasess and helping your mommy that you live with cause you couldn’t afford a house!



    You’re both acting like children! Now stop this nonsense! SuperBrick Dude asked a fine question. The answer is to buy a frame capture studio and attach the camera to your computer. Willemse, back off. Next time, don’t attack brick dude because you think he’s stupid. And super brick, cut the language.

    A couple programs I can reccomend for windows:

    Stop Motion Pro

    oh yeah, look at the FAQ in the programs section, then find a nice tutorial for the program in the resources section.



    Sometimes, reading these forums is like reading a fine novel – the witty interplay between characters, the rich language. Other times, less so.

    SuperBrick, SMA is free frame capture software. Check the FAQ to see where you can download it. Download it, install it, read a tutorial (again, check the FAQ) and play around with it. That’s how I got started.



    but come on, FAQ

    -hay maybe with the verification email for joing brickfilms it has in it, PLEASE read the stinkin FAQ



    *smells air* Wow, little children are on the forum

    Lets watch them enteract!

    Buxton: Very rich language



    If you have the Quickcam, you should already have some frame capture software that’s very easy to use. Open Logitech Image Studio. Click the “Create Animations” tab. Click Setup. Select Stop-motion animation. Choose a frame rate, then you’re all set!


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 36 total)

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