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    See 3 new brickfilms on
    Happy weed trip by Lego Men
    Happy construction by Lego Men
    Not Hollywood Factory Films !! But sooooo funny !!



    watched free party. Interesting little peice but a little jumpy animation and light flicker. Interesting though.



    good gods that’s an ugly website. I didn’t watch any films, it hurt my eyes too much and I had to close the tab. *vomits*



    tastes are different, blunty. (that i didn’t like it either is beside the point)
    maybe you should add more clear links to the video files. So the visitor understand immediately where he ahs to click. Also file length and file size would be nice. (file size is particulery handy for those ones , who can’t download huge files, i’m one of them, i can do it, but it’s going to cost me (my parents) money. So i don’t review huge, bad quality to size films)


    Pierre Films

    I sometimes wonder if there is a difference between being blunt and plain rude.
    Eh Blunty?

    Pierre Films 💡



    Here’s what info I was able to glean.
    “THE PAPER BOAT” (size=35M)
    link = … _mpeg2.mpg
    Comment: I was not able to play this because it apparently needs a ‘commercial’ mpeg-2 codec. If you have Windows and a working dvd player you MIGHT be able to play it. It produced sound but with a blank screen on Linux with ‘’

    “FREE PARTY” (size=28M) … om_mp4.avi
    Comment: Clear, colorful images but more like time lapse photography of mini-figs at a “rave” than animation. I would say not worth the download unless you have high-speed DSL.

    “HAPPY CONSTRUCTION” (duration=2:06, size=30M) … %20men.avi
    Comment: Same description as for FREE PARTY but a less interesting “story”. I would recommend that if you are not impressed by FREE PARTY this will be even less desirable.

    The link to “FREE WEED” was disabled. No comment.

    P.S. I liked the web-site, the ones I hate are the ones with the 50 kilobyte “ENTER” buttons.



    Any site that causes firefox’s pop-up blocker to come into action straight away (and at the same time block any access to content) is a no-no in my book.

    After looking at the file sizes above I think I will wait until some compression has been applied.


    Dude, I got an instant head ach from that site the second the background loaded! :shake

    Ugh, jeeze, Blunty was right.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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