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    WEll see here is my story lol—-

    A friend and I were greatly inspired by Jay silver’s episode III trailer that we decided to move foward with our own project based loosely around The new Orient Expedition sets

    WE have very intrecate storyboards and sets which I feel I can make but I am so scarred coming into this. Jay was able to help me with a camera from canon and plug-ins and programs. Am I to hot headed and niave to think that I can conquer a masterpiece ( full length) like Jay’s lol?

    WEll can you give me any pointers for a newbie. A neighbor of mine has one of the porgrams which is slipping my mind at the moment which I could hope would help me lol

    WEll I’ll put up story boards so You guys can help me with tips

    Thanks again and happy to be hear




    Weeel I would say dont expect to have a “masterpiece” your first time out. One thing I would reccomend, however, is if you have a REALLY REALLY good idea, it might be good to hold onto it for a little while til you have the skills to realize it. If its a series, I would say just go for it because then you can see your own talents progress. In a span of a couple months we went from horrible, horrible jerky animations of styrofoam packing material moving around on a floor to a film over 5 minutes long with some decent characters and voices(we wont talk about our rather sloppy sets though) and much better(though with much room fo improvement) animation. If you need help with something specific, don’t hesitate to ask. Have fun.



    Welcome to brickfilms. First off, do you use mac or pc? That matters a lot. And another thing is, start with a small project, or make your full length into a mini-series. (advice given to me) What kind of software are you using? Have fun, -Strider



    Orient Expedition? Cool. Are you doing “Around the world in Eighty Days” or something?
    Do you have a program for doing Stopmotion animation? What frame-rate is it at? (framerate means “still pictures per second”. If you already knew that, sorry for treating you to much like a newb 🙂 )
    anyway, I look forward to your project.
    welcome to Brickfilms! 😀



    there is no need to get so scared that you pee in your pants. These are all good people here. They will mentor and teach all you need to know to become a skilled animator such as Jay, Hali, Bluntman, Wandrer2, shootin, and banjo 😆



    Since your new, I might as well warn you about Jacopo. Hes our resident troll, you just got to learn to ignore him. The sooner you do, the better. 😉


    Shootin Bricks

    Welcome aboard!

    It’s good that you’ve set your sights high, Jay is hands down the best animator here IMHO. But remember, Jay is also a proffessional, even before he started animating for money he was working as an illustrator and commercial artist. He is also a self proffessed perfectionist and it really shows in his work.
    All I’m saying is, don’t get frustrated if you can’t produce Jay Silver calibre work right away- some of us probably never will and were OK with that- we do this for fun. If your first film has some quirks and bugs, please don’t be afraid to show it. We want to see it, trust me, and feedback is like gold to a brick animator. We can’t help you improve if you don’t show us what you’ve done.

    My only other advice is to be sure to read through the FAQ and get acquainted with that MEMBERLIST link at the top of all the forum pages. With that you can reach the profiles of everyone here and therefor their websites. This opens up a wealth of information, like test clips, tutorials and behind the scenes stuff. You can check out Hali’s walking tutorial, Bluntman’s custom camera stand, and a whole lot more.

    If you want to ask someone a specific question, but don’t want to do it publicly, you can private message them. Most of us also have public emails if you’d prefer to go that route

    So, again, welcome and were really looking forward to your movies!



    Welcome onboard.

    Don’t be afraid, every one makes here crappy movies. We all have lot to learn. It’s just a hobby, something you do for fun, don’t think you can get a great audience……….. well we expanding and get more people every day.
    If you really go for it, you will learn by practice. 🙂
    Have a good time around here.

    (don’t take me wrong, I mean this in a possive way)



    I’m sorry, but I think some of Jacapo’s posts are funny…




    They are… we used to have Anonymosity of OCAP here when I arrived. Was always commenting on everything, but according to Brian he didn’t even own any Lego.

    Jacopo’s posts are on the edge, but when he keeps within the bounds he can stay.


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