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    Hi! I’m new here. I’m an AFOL, 50, father of two keen LEGO fans, and I’ve just written a screenplay for a Brickfilm music video, based on the song “Benny the Bouncer” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

    My sons and I don’t have the resources to build or film it, but we can provide LDD files and images for characters, props etc. Any takers?



    Let us know if you had finished the music video you’re planning to make. This site can really help us as we start making our own brickfilms.



    You people don’t actually READ, do you? I have written a SCRIPT – if anyone wants to make the film, they’re welcome to, but I don’t have enough LEGO to build the characters/sets/props or the skills to make the film myself!



    Simon – how long (secs) do you estimate your video to be? I can put out some feelers once I have an idea of the scope of the project.



    Hello Simon!

    Perhaps we can make this a community project. It´s just a suggestion though but it´s a possibility. You could put all your ideas in: http://brickfilms.com/forum/events-and-projects-forums/community-project/

    I hope your idea will come to life!



    Hi there. Feel free to search through our posts and resources. There you have many tips and information on how to get started, what applications to use and many more.

    Go here>> http://brickfilms.com/forum/brickfilming-forums/getting-started/

    Video Editing>> http://brickfilms.com/resources/software-2/video-editing/



    Here is a link to my script in MS Word (doc) format.


    I have made some LDD models, and I will post them too.



    Great, I just see your script. For more knowledge and info just visit our films section.

    thanks & enjoy brickfilming!



    Hi Simon, I suggest it would be nice and more productive if you approach someone whose film in here is something that you really like with regards to animation, sounds etc. Then move on from there


    Galaxy Patrol

    Hi Simon. Were you able to find someone to film your script?

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