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    Finaly after not having a funtioning stop-motion system for about two years, (I think two years, feels like forever.) I can film again.

    I am in need of gun muzzle flares, laser bolts (preferably like the ones from Halo), explosions, maybe some lighting efects (for head lights or something from a vehicle.) and some fire.

    Any sujestions?



    Well, i only know bluescreen,But it doesnt seem like it would help you, I would recommend using capture software that lets you load your frame in an image editor such as MS paint.Realistic effects is expensive and time costly.One program that lets you load the picture with paint is Freeware called monkey jam.



    This is kind of cheap but for guns I used red or orange plastic wrap, I just made it stick to the end of the gun and then moved it around(rotated and scrunched and all that). You dont want this to be seen to long in your video or else it gets to looking not as cool.



    If you have after effects and need 500 action elements like: Explosions,Muzzle Flashes,Glass Break, Dust, Fire and everything, you only need 100 bucks (or a hacker friend) to get Action Essentials 2 from http://www.videocopilot.net



    Blender or Effects Lab will suit you nicely



    I suggest particleillusion. It costs about $400 But there is a free month trial. With it you can make easy glow, smoke and explosion effects. After you download it you’ll have to download all the emitter libraries (which are free BTW)which hold all the effects. :mischief



    I recommend against particle illusion. It’s way too pricey for a budget filmer, way to complex and only 2D effects.

    You’re better off with Blender (free) or Effects Lab which is around $150US I think.

    If you’ve got the kind of money Particle Illusion calls for, then get Adobe After Effects.



    After Effects cost over $1000, whose gonna pay for that?



    Me for 1, lol. I bought both Particleillusion AND after effects. But just recently After Effects has partnered with Particleillusion to form one program 😛



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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 24 total)

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