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    I need ideas on my first Lego Stop Motion Video and the right software editor If you got any ideas pot em down der 😎



    Well, If you want to do it for free, monkeyjam, virtualdubmod, or sma would be the best animators for windows. If you know how to use complicated movie software, go for lightworks, otherwise stick with wmm… As for Ideas for a film… I can’t help you there



    I suggest windows live movie maker. Very easy simple program and it’s great for even pro animators. But if you feel in need to get a complicated program, I suggest Monkeyjam or Lightworks



    You can try MonkeyJam and alternatively Blender as well as Pencil, Scratch and Tufi



    Monkeyjam works for me so from a personal viewpoint I would really recommend it to you.
    As for ideas, why don’t share to us in here what do you have in mind for your next brick film. I mean can you at least share to us in here what is the subject of the next one that you think of making?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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