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    What exactly does the “encoding” do in iDVD? And when I export from iMovie, what is the diffence between exporting it to quicktime or iDVD? Thanks. ~”Live long and die”~



    Exporting to IDVD will make it the exact same size as the movie itself… I think. 😳




    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD RUN AWAY FROM THAT PROGRAM NOW!! IT WILL CONSUME YOU!! Ok, I try and be helpful anyway. When you export to QT it will make a .mov file. They have a few options that you can pick from or you can pick from your own with “Expert Settings”. HOWEVER, it seems that using expert settings corrupts any file it makes(Most of the time anyway. I know for a FACT that I am not the only one this happens to.) To remedy this, you export to a video camera and then back into iMovie as a new project, and form there you can export to QT. Your audio may be a little out of synch, but it should work. I personally use MPEG-4(I believe it is called) or Sorenson. MPEG-4 will only work with the newest version of QT player though. When you export to iDVD, it will create a iDVD project for you with that movie in it. Encoding is just preparing it to be burned so that a normal DVD player can read it. I keep getting stuck on Stage 3 of burning, “Asset Encoding”. I sincerely pray you get past this if you are trying to burn something. If you do it succesfully, be sure and post details on what you did 🙂



    IDVD works for me. Although it needs a few hours, it’s an “okay” program.



    Really? Damn. Your the first person to tell me that it works without problems. Out of probably about 50 attempts, ONE disk has burned. And unfortunately, it was just a demo disk with only two films on it 😥 Well, good for you. At least someone is getting this program to work.



    It works for me too, and I been burning DVD for over a year now without any problems.


    P.S. Try this…
    Turn off AppleTalk, File Sharing, Network Time Sychronization and Web Sharing while you burn disks. It also helps to increase iDVD’s RAM allocation. I set mine to 250000K



    oooo 😀 Havnt heard that suggestion before, and I have tried just about everything else. Thanks, I will try that. How come Apples own tech support can’t give me as many suggestions as the people who buy the damn products? Ahh its frustrating

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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