Intel CS330

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    I just got one and was wondering to those of you who own one (I hope someone does…):

    What program would you recommend for filming?
    What type of lighting is best for it?
    How should the light censor be adjusted for the light?

    Thanx, and help would be appreciated! 😀



    I don’t actually think that the computer you use matters a whole lot, although it really matters whether it’s a mac or windows. There are some other factors, too.

    In terms of free programs, there’s always that wonderful FAQ. It even suggest some that aren’t. Ones that cost money are usually worth it, although they are not always necessary. I use Adobe Premiere ($500) for editing, but I could get almost the same thing with Windows Movie Maker (free from their website).




    CreelUnderground recently bought one, you could PM or email him with any specific questions, if you want.



    Bluntman used a cs330 for most of his later films. But since he is taking a break, you may not be able to reach him. I do believe he uses SMA though I am not certain. For lighting, If I rememeber right, he told me he uses 2 incandescent bulbs, or was it flurescent…..either or should produce excellent results though.



    I use a CS330. I love it. 🙂

    I usually use it alongside Anasazi Stop Motion Animator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and occasionally Photoshop.

    Great camera, 640*480 resolution at pretty darn good quality. USB connection is fast for me. Good buy, good luck! 😀

    EDIT: By the way shouldn’t this be in the hardware forum? O well, I guess it is sorta animation…

    Oh yea and before I forget, DO NOT forget to do the following:
    1.)Adjust the lighting for your set/film.
    2.)Make sure it looks good on the camera.
    3.)Go into the Camera settings and
    4.)Turn off Automatic Colors or whatever.
    5.)Turn off Auto Exposure Adjustments or whatever, there’s a check box next to 4 & 5 I think.

    If you don’t do 4 ur colors will look wrong, if you don’t do 5 your picture will flicker.



    Thanx for the comments of help, but I still can’t figure out what area on the “light scroller” (adjusts blur) I should adjust it to. I can’t get a really good pic with it in SMA. I’d appreciate any more help!

    Thanx again 😀



    “Z-Studios” wrote:
    EDIT: By the way shouldn’t this be in the hardware forum? O well, I guess it is sorta animation…

    It is now 8)

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