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    Ok I am officaly sick of stop-motion freeware programs. I’ve used em all and hate ’em! I have a windows XP and have bben thinking of getting iKITmovie express. If you don’t know what is search it on google and tell me what you think. But I want to know what do you guys use? I use my PC so it must work on a PC!!! What do you use and what do you think of it? Thanks!



    If you are going to pay, either go StopMotionPro or get Boinx.

    You pretty much can’t get any better than those and both have “lite” versions that are affordable and have the features the average brickfilmer needs.



    I have used iKITMovie for some time now. I trialled most other stop motion software out there before committing. The reason I went with iKITMovie in the end was because it has 2,200 sound fx included. I always found looking for or creating sound fx a bit tedious and adding them to the freeware programs very annoying. So I would recommend iKITMovie.



    is iKITMovie any good?

    Absolutely..yes it is very good indeed.

    Being able to add sound effects (all built in ) music (some provided but you can add your own also) and voiceovers all simultaneously

    I use it with a Logitech 9000 and the quality is superb.
    They have video tutorials for the basics online but it is super easy to use.
    I would recommend it for those new to stop motion animation or even those with some experience animating for the sheer convenience of the sound engine it has.



    does ikit work on non-mac computers?



    Despite the Apple-esque name iKitMovie, it is only for Windows as of now. Sorry.


    I tried a free trail, and it is alright, especially if you are a beginner. But if you are pro, and would like to do more professional work, I would get something else. 😛

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