Is there going to be an easter contest this year?

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    I would like to know is there is an easter contest this year. i have an idea for a brickfilm, and if there is some kind of guidelines or something or if it is an official contest i would like to know so i can start animating in advance. Thanks!


    skull brick

    We should do the 15 second one again.


    Stevie Collins

    We were not planning an Easter Contest, then again, the members those who are involved in Film Contests only were added a few days ago. I don’t think there will be an official Easter Contest this year, we have other things to do with Contests on our minds, obviously someone can make an unofficial one if they please, but it’s best we don’t have too many Contests to distract people from entering FAR, The Quest for ‘____’ Contest and CAP.

    If you want to discuss this, discuss in this thread, I am not going to contact other members involved in Contests or saulgoode about discussing this yet, if the thread is very popular in the next couple of days and alot of people would like to enter it, I’ll ask saulgoode about his thoughts on this.




    I wouldn’t count on an Easter-themed contest, considering we have several major contests currently in the works (FAR, Quest for ___, CAP, etc.). However, I hope that doesn’t stop you from making your film anyway. 😉




    Well I hope someone makes an easter contest.



    I don’t see how an Easter contest similar to last year’s contest could be much of a distraction. After all, the maximum time limit was only 15 seconds. I think that if people (like me) reallly wanted to, they could squeeze a 15 second film in between brickfilming projects. Besides, one of the three contests that Steviecolli mentioned (The Quest for __ Contest) would probably be over by the time the contest was announced.

    -MMM, who wants to see this contest resurface



    As far as i know, there’s 4 contest going on(Quest for ___, CAP, FAR and that Brickfilms series) So i doubt there will be an Easter one.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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