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    I am wondering if somebody out there could please help me with some video settings for my animated film?

    I have taken pics for the animation with my still camera in 4:3 ratio. I first put them all together using imovie but after a while I discovered that imovie wasn´t the best program for animations so I finally got istopmotion pro.

    Now I am a little bit confused about all the different settings though:-(

    What I want is just the animation to be exported to a dvd with as good quality as possible. (i am planning to submit it to some film festivals)
    But using 4:3 doesnt seem to give me the HD quality. (when I export or send into imovie, the images loose alot of sharpness) Is there any way of getting a really good and sharp image using this ration or do i have to make it into 16:9?

    I did a test creating a 16;9 version in istopmotion however, but then the problem is that the program seems to decide how to crop the image. Isn´t it possible to decide for yourself which part of the original image should be cropped into 16:9?? (as it is now, the figures are too high up in the picture and it looks really weird..)
    It seems strange that a pro-version doesnt allow you to do that…Or have I missed something in importing the images?
    I thought about the idea of cropping each image in photoshop and then reimporting them into istopmotion, but that would be a crazy amount of work…

    Does anybody have an idea?

    I would be very thankful for help!


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