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    scotty h

    this is a video for politics. “do you know when your watching tv then it cuts to ads and during election month and you see somthing like vote scott leader of your country” can you imagine it for the president of earth
    we each make an election clip under 2 mins it can be with sound effects has to be wmv(window medi file) or a real medi clip you can add effects but the only restriction it has to have the words vote for ….. then you make them seem like a politic

    you can use any people
    it has to be an ad
    animation can be 10 fps or above
    music is aloud but try and get the artist to agree
    you can be at anyskill to animate in this
    credits can be in it post all video links to this thread

    prizes are not available unless anyone wants to donate

    no swearing its an ad for leader of earth

    i will take it upon my self to find judges

    videos in by 22 febuary 2008 my birthday

    GOOD LUCK :wink
    and get animating



    Can I take it this replaces your previous ‘a lot of fun compition’?


    scotty h




    Some punctuation would make this contest seem more proffessional. And i may enter this.



    I may also enter this.


    scotty h

    im still kepping this tourny going you know where to send the films




    Uh…mm…uh…wha…what the…what is that…wha…good deity, wha…is that short for tournament.

    So this isn’t going to be a community project then? Going back to contest now?


    scotty h

    well i closed the communtiy project i think yesterday family issues someone else can use the idea and i had a word misshape there but yeah i have to do a contest for it all and all its a good idea



    It’s. Easier. To. Read. If. You. Use. Some. Of. These.



    “scotty h” wrote: well i closed the communtiy project

    Very well. Locked.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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