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    Hey guys, it’s Gizmo.

    As I continue to moderate these forums, it brings me upon many different styles of films,  different genres, and naturally, different users.

    Of course everyone has their own style, but I’d like to just offer up a few bits of advice.

    -First, all films are personally reviewed before being published. No need to post multiple times =]

    -Watch and utilize your FPS. If you are going for a choppier film (and sometimes that works) than obviously a lower fps is acceptable. However, with most faster paced videos, a higher FPS (and thus more fluidity) is ample. Just keep that in check.

    -Movement filming – Kind of going with the above, movement can be the downfall of fluidity. If you have perfect fps but choppy movements, it shows. Most action films are a good example. Lots of movement, you don’t want your minifigs walking like robots. Unless of course, they are robots.

    -Lighting- Most everyone does a great job with lighting. If you have a green screen, sometimes a darker brick above the screen will prevent the screen form reflecting onto your base bricks. Also, never film into the light, and work with shadows to your advantage. Sometimes a cookie (i hope as filmers you know what cookies are) can make a scene and is extremely easy to make.

    Effects – Visual effects seem to be pretty well handled. Some sound effects could use work. Use natural sounds, along with ambiant and any sounds that make your video together. Don’t do them separate. Layer them (different tracks, or depending on the program you use, layers) to work together. Adjust their respective volumes, emphasize certain ones. It’s your film, you’ll know what goes where.

    Besides that, everyone is doing a nice job on films. Keep it up, I look forward to talking with you and continuing to review videos.

    Donovan “Gizmo” Spann


    Galaxy Patrol

    I feel embarrassed to ask, but what is a “cookie”?



    ^ it’s something u eat… Bahahahaha sorry! I had to


    Galaxy Patrol

    LOL. But seriously??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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