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    How would someone contact TAAB?



    Whenever I PM her, she usually replies. Sometimes she doesn’t, though, so then you could try emailing her (but I don’t know her email address off-hand).

    What do you want to email her about?



    My friend Justin Marshall has emailed all of the BF admins about buying the website, and got no reply, so, I am trying to get him a reply.



    Who’s this Justin Marshall fellow? Is he running any sites right now that we can look at?

    Also, ahnt tried to buy the site a while back, and I think he said that it’s got a high price, so your friend better be prepared for that.



    Justing currently Owns Best Bricks, although he and I are still working on the site. He is the owner of a company called Best Brick studios, and owns the copyrights of Best Bricks, Best Brick Studios, Brick City, and soon Brick Cade.

    Also, he is very prepared for the price, and he tells me.

    BTW, I wouldn’t pay 20 bucks for this site.

    But, Justing Would pay 16K AUS for it.



    Oh, so if we’re thinking of the same Best Bricks, that would mean Justin is simpsonking, correct?




    But don’t be fooled by how best bricks is going right now.

    That’s just temporary for until either he buys Brickfilms, or if he gets the full thing done.



    I was planning on buying Brickfilms in the near future, perhaps consider that?



    Hi, me! 😀
    It would be good for an email or a phone number that I can contact. It’s been over 8 mouths and no reply.

    Best Brick Studios® is growing; we have now got advertisement deals with LEGO™ and planning on opening our ninth site next week ‘Brick Cheat’ a game cheats listing site.

    You can Mail us

    Best Bricks Studios
    PO BOX 5251 South
    Murwillumbah 2484
    NSW, Australia

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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