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    This may sound weird but when I try to record any sound or do voice chat, I run into a strange problem. My laptop makes this weird background noise- it is not the fan (my fan sounds like a vacuum wich I could also use some help with trying to get quiet). When I try to record on my PC it works fine but my brother is usually on it so I have little access to my PC-plus all my filming software is on my laptop.

    Please, I do not want to have to but and install a bunch of new hardware and take apart my whole laptop- I need it to do my homework on.

    I will gladly give my system stats if needed.



    I have the same problem, my computer is like a tornado. My dads is whisper quite, you have to walk up to it look at the lights 2 see if it is on. I try and keep the microphone as far away from my box as possible.




    Yah mine too. its not a laptop but its on my desk and it has 7 fans in it and it is a beast.

    Srry i cant help


    Uh oh

    Just download audacity and use the remove noise effect on the lowest setting. That’s how I take the background noise out of my recordings and the sound great. All I use for a microphone is the one on my QCP4K.



    What kind of laptop is it I might ask?



    line noise is quite common on laptop mic inputs, (and some PC soundcards). because it’s introduced by the sound card electronics there’s not much you can do about it besides trying to filter the noise out in post.
    in the case of a deaktop machine with the same problem, a new, better quality sound card should do the trick. the buil in soundcard chipsets on most motherboards these days is okay, but some a hughe pains.

    I got lucky, neither my laptop or my desktop machine introduce line noise.



    I acutally have the opposite problem: my desktop (circa Summer ’99) gives me fuzz background noise with mike recordings while my laptop (circa Fall ’04) gives me no problem.
    However, if I’m talking on the phone and put my hand near my laptop’s keyboard or screen, the phone starts creating fuzzy background noise.



    can you post a recording of the noise?


    Anonymous … pnoise.wav

    ^That is a sample of the noise (the creaking noise is my computer at work and the click at the end is my mouse) If a longer sample is need please ask.

    My laptop is an Acer TravelMate738TLV for those who want to know.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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