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    Greetings fellow broadband users. *room suddenly becomes empty*

    I’ve finally got broadband connection. *room stays empty*

    No longer will I be waiting a week to download a Red vs Blue episode.

    Never again will I sit and wait for the chatroom to display the next post.

    Long gone are the days where I have to wait 2 hours just to upload a 2 minute brickfilm.

    This is my Ascension. *guy comes back to get his cellphone*

    However, one does wonder why of all the broadband service provider (Verizon, SBC, Charter, Cable, Adelphia, etc.) in the States, only one is available in my town (damn government monopoly, or is it?).

    So tell me, fellow broadband users, how was it like when you first used such a connection. Was it just like in the TV ads when broadband connection first came to the market?



    Good for you.




    Welcome to the jungle. You can never go back, now.

    Try. It’s like suicide.



    Z is correct, ide kill myself. LOL


    I have always had cable, and DSL, ect. So I don’t know what it’s like to have a 56K modem, but I hear its like Hell. 😆



    Congrats, I loved my 2mbits connection when I first got it. Now I got used to it, almost thinking about a 6mbits one 😛

    It really is huge step, although it might not better your reallife, it makes things much more comfortable.



    Congrates Lechnology. I may only have a 512kps modem (tho it reads as 576kps) but it’s glorious compared to dial-up. No waiting for 3 hours for a 10mb download.

    And Z’s right. Going back to dial-up’s a bit like cutting one of your arms off.



    Horray! Broadband rules! 😀



    “Z” wrote: Try. It’s like suicide.

    I managed to stay off for a whole half hour last night. It was horrible.



    I use brodband only when I’m at college, and I’m fine without it during the summer. It’s very nice when you have it, but when I don’t have it, I find that I actually do stuff with my life other than read techie articles and watch stupid bittorrent movies.

    Lech, beware the temptations of bittorrent!! Oh, and be sure to celebrate your newfound power by downloading and trying all the latest linux distros. You’ll probably want to start using Linux full time, in fact, because spyware and viruii become a big problem on brodband Windows boxes.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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