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    Hey guys josh here, and im wandering what genres are there and can we make more? Heres a list i know of war,horror,town and city,police,swat,agents,navy,ninjago,zombies,miner,fire and a bunch of other stuff but i wanna hear what you guys think so leave a comment so other brickfilmers can see and make films about it!



    I’ve seen a lot of videos doing as you said, war, action, police, and namely an element of comedy thrown into 90% of them… but, you never really see any… drama… or romantic. yeah they sound boring at look at, but apart from a selected few, its starting to turn into a lost art aha i mean Imagen if someone made a 30 minuet drama out of Lego, that was so well written and well made, that by the end of it you could scarcely tell they were Lego at all? 😛 I’m not saying we should all abandon are brick guns… but it would be nice to see someone delve into uncharted territory 😛 they could even make an on going sitcom, you never know!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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