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    This year and last year my brothers had to do an asignment for school. They had to do a project about the Shakespeare play they were studying. Somehow we thought that it would be cool to do LEGO movies of scenes from them. My brothers filmed the movies while I edited them and added suggestions for comic relief. So here is “Bricks of the Bard” Both movies are 3mb.
    this is the first one we made: … hamlet.wmv

    this second one has a slow begining but the ending is great. Unfortunatly it has a startling lack of music 🙁 … acbeth.wmv

    enjoy! 😀



    make a lego hamlet or macbeth. these are not as sappy as his other plays



    Those are the two I made.


    Don’t pay n e attention to Jacopo, he ain’t too smart. I rather enjoyed these two. One downside however. The use of .wmv format hurt the quality a little bit. It also helps to know the story a little bit to better understand what is going on.

    **spoiler** (well, maybe)
    In Macbeth, Macbeth visited 3 witches who would predict future events. One of their predictions was that when the forest marched upon the castle, Macbeth would be killed. (Is that right? I havn’t studied this is about 8 months or so)

    Hamlet is much easier to follow. Hamlet’s uncle wanted to be king, so he killed Hamlet’s father and married his mother. Hamlet’s dad’s ghost tells him that he was murdered by his uncle, and wants hamlet to seek revenge.
    There is a little background info for n e one who doesn’t know the basics of the stories. I realize that not everyone needs that but not all of us are Literature buffs. Nice work on the films. Hope to see more from you in the future.



    Thanks for posting the little explenation. I should have done one my self.
    So yes, the Witches told Macbeth that he would only be killed when Burnem Wood marched up to Dunsnain Castle (I know that I’ve got all my spelling wrong), and that he could only be killed by someone that wasn’t born of a woman.
    and about the quality, I took the original LS file and “smooshed” it down in WMM so that it wouldn’t take all day for people to download.



    Hey Ferder – great effort! – really refreshing to see someone taking the “classics” and making brickfilms from them 🙂

    I love the Macbeth clip – sword fights, stupid language and some genuinely funny moments – its a shame the wmv fogged the film quality up but you can see enough to make out what’s going on – top drawer!

    One question though – what are you using to record your sound? The quality goes from good to way too loud to so quiet you can hardly hear it – which is a shame.

    Apart from that top movies 🙂 and goes to show there’s more to brickfilms then Star Wars and the Matrix …

    Ragman exits stage left …



    Thanks. The movies were well received at school.
    In case you were wondering I didn’t do any of the voices in the Hamlet but I did do some in MacBeth Including Lady MacBeth 🙂
    The sound was recorded with just the LS cam so that’s why it isn’t the best of quality.



    That’s pretty darned good for the Lego Cam. 😆



    but I am wondering why people think that if you don’t have the best cam in the world you are automatcily going to have a poorly done movie. A poory filmed movie maybe, but why does it have to have a stupid story or bad editing.
    Newline, if you meant “darn good [picture] quality” then never mind , and just ignore the above 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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