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    Hi all!
    I ask you in this post how can I make MY OWN hair or hat for my lego characters,
    I have a little idea but i need you to say what you think ’bout it…

    Maybe I can take some clay, do my hair or my hat, put it in the stove , well wait ’till it will be solid… and then I paint it and put some varnish on it…

    What you think ’bout this?



    Fimo. I believe that’s what zirk used on his Rise of the Empire trailer. He used it for both clothing and hair. It looks pretty good. Check out your local hobby store (I guess?) for it. It’s basically clay, but you don’t have to, well, bake it. In fact, I think it’s the same thing as Play-doh.




    I will try and i will give you news of that, i think clay will be ok… I have a lot of clay, my friends work with it and he sell me some for the lowest price ever 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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