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    Yes I powered my Logitech into High Definition Mode and What amazing results. This link below is the film its only 2 seconds long and is a simple walk. WARNING: it is uncompressed as i wanted to keep the True Quality. It is 40MB that is annoying but worth it for a HD test.


    This should work on both windows and Macs, But unsure about Macs. Enjoy the true quality and leave any comments.





    However, while downloading I must say that uploading large files to Brickshelf isn’t a good idea. It causes bandwidth problems on Brickshelf’s side, and is one of the causes Brickshelf has threatened to shut down in the past.



    I hope this is the right file now…oo yep it is. Brickshelf is the only site i knew of which wouldn’t compress my file. Soooo and Archive wont let me upload at the mo as it just pauses.




    The test itself was surprisingly nice. Although your lighting could use some work, the picture quality was crisp clear and very good.

    So how does this “HD mode” work? How do you turn it on?



    What capture program did u use?



    U basically set the up the camera in HD video mode and the program i use doesn’t set it up in Picture mode but in Video so i could switch it into HD video mode and away it goes put the connection mode into ISOS or whatever it was. Not RGB240 as that rips the quality like mad.

    I used DV Animator Simple+



    Why don’t you give this free file hosting site a try – 100MB file size limit




    Not RGB240 as that rips the quality like mad.

    I am using a QuickCam Pro 4000 – should I have this on RGB24 or not.
    I haven’t heard of this setting I had to go looking for it. Any recommendations ?

    I too am using DV Animator Simple+



    first off the animation was a bit jerky… second i didn’t really see “HD” quality… I could get better quality with my mini DV camera…. third the white balance is to high…

    atr 😎



    “atrglock” wrote: third the white balance is to high…

    This comment intrigued me. Could you explain what defines a “too high white balance”?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 25 total)

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