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    Mr. Less

    Here is my new film Long Weekend, there is a small trailor at the end of it for my next short film. Long Weekend is first in a trilogy. The next to parts should come out in the fall and near christmas.


    Please post your comments!



    Add sounds, that will make the film a lot more fun to watch

    and if you can : fx (alamdv… 🙂 )

    I didn’t understand the story but I was not that bad

    Bob Page


    Mr. Less

    Sry, i can’t figure out how to get more then one sound channel in WMM2.



    Well for one i seemed as if you are using the lego cam because the quality is no the best, seconly it tends to jurk a few time in the story like in one frame the mini fig is hit by a car and the net frame the car is gon and he is standing.

    work on that for the next film.
    *new kid enrolled in a school with tough techer meets a “friend” the tells him to watch out for the teachers. the teacher (all holding weapons) tri to kill the mini fig but he beats them all up this a stick (like neo in matrix reloaded). the teachers go to the boss and he tell them to kill him. then they go off and try again. the minifig gets away in a car driven by the “friend”*

    good job



    Some parts didn’t make a whole lot of sense, the animation was a bit jerky, the sound was pretty limited and their were too many frames that went to long. Next time edit the frame in paint a bunch of times and play them so you can see the guy talking. It takes a while but it’s just one more thing you can do to be better.

    Now that I have told you what I didn’t like it’s time to tell you what I did like. I liked it quite a bit. Certain parts didn’t make sense but after a while I made sense of them. Good music, but you could have used more sounds. I understand you having trouble with that. For the most part, the animation wasn’t jerky or unsmooth.
    Sound 2/5
    The music was good but it really lacked sound effects. It was probably the worst part of your movie
    Visuals 3.5/5
    A little bit jerky at times, but for the most part it was smooth. You could have added a talking animation though. The quality wasn’t that good.
    Originality 4.5/5
    As far as I know you didn’t copy anyone. Did you? A bit of the Matrix and other big action movies but I don’t really have a problem with that.
    Story/Plot 4/5
    You got the story down early and it was evident throughout the whole movie. Some parts didn’t make sense at first but they eventually did.

    Overall it was pretty good. I really liked the intro but some parts weren’t as good so I’m gonna give it a
    Overall (not an average): 3.8/5

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