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    Hello brick flimers. I am new to brick films, and whilst I know how to make them, I am a bit shy so don’t want to include my own voice (it sounds terrible). Without any voice, this limits what I can do in my films that I’ll be making.

    To get over this limitation, I am wondering if there is anyone who wants to do some voice acting for my films. Private message me if you want to be the voice actors in my films as I need you. I will further discuss what I need, and when I need it in private message for those interested.

    If you are going to be one of my voice actors, I will be recieving your recordings via email (I’ll give you my email in private message). I don’t know much about sound recording programs, but if it helps, I will make my films on iMovie (Apple mac), so sound recordings must be compatible with iMovie. I think that MP3 is compatible.

    Kabinator100 (YouTube)



    🙂 im new to brickfilms if your still looking for voice over actors i would love to offer my services . cheers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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