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    hi guys, i am wondering, how do i make my counter strike movies not look so blurry 🙁 i would like them to be perfectly clear….i export my movies at 800×600, is there a way to make them look nicer other then bumpin up the resolution and the size?



    what do u meen dont compress it? i get each clip in videomach, then ill export each clip from videomach with divx, then ill put all the clips together in adobe premier, so what do u meen?

    im not very good at this, so please explain 🙂



    Instead of using the DIVX codec, select “uncompress” everytime you export a video (except for the last of the last export)

    a uncompress file is very huge (30s =1gig I think)

    Bob Page



    so once i have all of the clips that i want, and i add them together, then i export with divx? and it will be PERFECTLY clear?

    and i am putting my clips together in adobe, so its ok that i just export uncompresed and them export them from adobe once im all finsished with them?

    and u sure it will be MUCH nicer looking? and whats its the recommended resolution i should export on?



    it depend, use the same resolution as they original ones. but for the web, 320×240 is ok

    DIVX is hard too understand. you will need advice, but for now use uncompress



    bob, let me send u a clip
    tell me what u think of the quality, ill send u two clips actualy, tell me how to make it better, cause uncompresed is nto gnona do much cause its all it is donig is delaying the compression and takin up space

    whats ur AIM name? ill send over that
    mine is : apperingthoughts

    if u just want to IM me, plz let me show u and tell me what u think



    I don’t use aim and with uncompress, you don’t lose ANY quality, so it’s two things :
    -You already compressed it but doesn’t remember


    -Your cam (and/or) input port is too cheap to give good quality

    Bob Page



    Your cam (and/or) input port is too cheap to give good quality


    Thats nice.


    Brian of Gep

    Bob, if you don’t have AIM,
    why do you have something entered into the AIM field on your profile.
    Same goes for everything else…

    And don’t listen to him, appearingthoughts,
    compressing it with DIVx will not lose ANY quality at all.



    well, it would lose quality if you choose a low bit rate

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