manual focus for webcams on a mac/in istopmotion?

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    I have recently purchased an imac. The webcam I was using before (quickcam pro 9000 for windows) IS recognised by istopmotion but I cannot find a way to manually focus. I cannot install the windows only software which is where i accessed the focus before.

    Do macs allow manual focus for webcams? I was considering buying the quickcam vision pro 9000 for mac, but if it has the same results then It will be a waste of money.

    I need some advice from somebody who uses a webcam on a mac – how do you get manual focus? Apparently, you just plug in the mac webcams and go. There is no installing any programs!

    If anyone uses istopmotion – how do you access manual focus in that? I click ‘settings’ for the webcam and focus is not listed. I really want to get animating!



    I have the same problem. I’ve bought the vision pro for mac but there is no way of finding any program that allowes you to change the settings on the camera manually. I have asked the logitech team, I have 2-year guarantee and I will get the answer in 48 hours. I will tell you what I’ve come up with then.




    Is it compatible with istopmotion?



    It is compatible with macs.
    I am 98% sure it will work finewith iStopmotion.



    Which program do you use?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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