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    I’ts a sad moment for me, to release this movie.
    At the beginnig I never thought that I’ll go to part 3.
    But when I actualy did, I even wanted to go on and make 4. But no way that would become boring.
    So here it is. The final thouch.

    Martian Gothic 3
    7 minutes long
    divx 5.03
    786::326 pixels
    27 mb

    I’m also working on a low size file, but it will taka a while.

    Whenever you hadn’t enough with this martian gothic series, you can stay tuned for the upcoming : Martian Gothic trilogy special video : Where I’ll take you trough all the 3 parts and explain all stuff.

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    kowarama skip

    ooooo…I’ve been waiting for this movie! I’m downloading right now! 🙂



    Wahoo! this was great patryk i loved it, i’ve been waiting for it for a good while, and i saw it on your site b4 you put it on here 😛 so heres my review

    wow you did a great job with that cgi, it looked very nice, I think this goes well into the mg series, i lke all the cool sfx you had too, but it had a nice story also…

    the things i didnt like were the lasers coming from the gun, they seemed a bit odd looking to my taste… I also didnt like how some of the voices came out a bit too compresssed sounding. my last dislike was how you did the guys eyes! i said it when you made the trailer too, i just dont like how u did it i would of prefered it with exact coler there but no ones perfect 🙂




    😮 WoW. That CGI was amazing. The reveal shot of him on Mars, and as the camera goes up was very well done, also the marks where the ship landed, something that would be there but could of been overlooked, and I thought it just made it that more realistic. The voices were good. The detailed sets were good.

    A couple of little things that could have been improved have already been said. But overall a really great movie. Well done. 😀



    Just a suggestion that might make a lower file size: Make sure that you’re using 1.0 pixel ratio. Your 768 resolution makes me think you’re using .9 instead of 1, which makes it looked stretch on computer.




    “Cometgreen” wrote: Just a suggestion that might make a lower file size: Make sure that you’re using 1.0 pixel ratio. Your 768 resolution makes me think you’re using .9 instead of 1, which makes it looked stretch on computer.


    Well then you only have a problem. b’cos I’m using square pixel rate of 1.0


    kowarama skip

    My Review:

    story 3/5 It was the last one in the trilogy but it still left you wondering what happened, and you never see an alien “species”! This one was much scary than the first two though. Watching it I felt that it was missing something maybe a climactic battle or to at least see a “species” Maybe I’ll understand it when the special edition trilogy video you mentioned.

    cinematography 5/5 The camera was astounding! Great angles especially in the meeting room with the men in the suits. The pans and zooms were used sparingly to give a claustrophobic feel.

    animation 5/5 The animation was superb and the CGI/3d was amazing! 😮

    audio 5/5 The sound effects and voices were so much of an improvement of your previous Martian Gothic movies. Mainly what made it better was your vastly improved English! I couldn’t find any grammar errors in the movie!

    overall 4/5 This is one of the best Brickfilms beside, “Rise of the Empire” and “One: a Space Odyssey”! I loved it!



    Hi Patryk!

    You’ve done an excellent job here. The visuals of this film are amazing! The focus change in the scene with the people talking might have worked better if it had started earlier and progressed more smoothly, but I can imagine how hard this is in the small scale we’re working at.

    The story… to be honest, it felt a bit empty. It’s almost as if I’m watching a trailer for a much longer film. But the uncanny feeling that was present in the first two films, was felt even stronger now.

    Well done!

    Stefan (who will watch all of the trilogy now, or at least soonish).


    Mr. Less

    WOW! This is got to be the best of the Martian Gothic movies! :woo The only thing worng with it was that the story was kind of….. uninteresting. I lliked the visuals though and finally, finally you are animating 😈 at 15 fps!



    I would love to say that was great! each set was fully deatailed and the picture was crystal clear. The CGI was very clean no sharp or jagged edges. It was awsome and i did not see any of the other MG films so this was my first. But i did watch them all at the same time now, It was a great follow up and i really loved it. If im going to get really critical here i watched it 4 times and looked for the flaws.

    When the guy was in space floating next to the ship it would be moving just a little bit he wouldent be exactly so still like that. The guy with the red and black suit that was sitting at the desk/office table it seemed like that was the only time i saw the light flickering from the lighiting, his hair also seemed to sparkle a little bit which was quite odd. When the 2 guys were talking to eachother in the hallway it just seemed to me that it almost looked like a still frame when the 2 characters are talking to eachother. I personally like movement during a scene like that one, an example like what i am talking about is like in oblong pictures Out Of Time by buxton. The storyline at somepoints felt kind of week but most of the time it was flowing quite well. That are the only flaws i saw.

    Well i really do have to say that your films are very profesonal, and you deliver them with a good storyline and each film has a punch to it. You are a great animator and your animation is very smooth. This is exactly what i would expect to come from you…..Great job well done pat… 😀
    Kindest Regards

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