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    I was working on a cheesy (or, as you might say it, boring) soundtrack for a brickfilm. So, I made it with this program called Finale 2003. But it’s not about that.

    I’ve saved the file as a .MID file, and now I want the .MID file to become a .WAV file, so that I can actually use it. How do i do that?

    Thank you.



    http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=fre … .wav&meta=

    It is impossible to convert them withough using a sound recorder. That is what I can see so fat. Put your microphone up to the speakers, place the .midi file and press record on the recorder.

    Then save as a .wav. Audio quality may not be good.



    These are what I found at download.com

    Mid Converter

    Neither are free, though.



    It is impossible to convert them withough using a sound recorder. That is what I can see so fat. Put your microphone up to the speakers, place the .midi file and press record on the recorder.

    that’s probably the worst advice I’ve seen anyone give around here.



    Agreed, that’s terrible advice from unfoldingmetal. I’m hoping it was a joke.

    A .wav file is actual audio data, whereas a .mid file is merely a set of instructions for a midi device or program to play music. A .mid file can sound different depending on what type of instruments you have loaded and what software is playing it. You need to “record” the output of your midi device to a wav file.

    If, in Finale, everything is sounding the way you want it to sound, you should just use Finale to play it. You can just use the windows sound recorder or another free audio recording app like Audacity to record the output of Finale without using your speakers and microphone.

    First you need to set the recording device for Windows.

    -double-click the speaker icon in your system tray to open up Volume Control. You should see a bunch of different sliders.

    -click options -> properties

    -click the recording radio button

    Now this will be different depending on your sound card. If there is a MIDI option make sure it is checked. If not, make sure something like “stereo mix” or “what u hear” is checked. Any output that’s going to include the sound of your midi device.

    -click OK and the volume control should now include sliders for all of the recording devices that were checked.

    -select the device that will include the sound from your midi device (preferably “midi,” but possibly “stereo mix” or “what u hear” or something like that)

    -make sure it has a nice healthy level on the slider. Don’t go all the way up, but go up to about 90%

    Now it’s time to record your song. Make sure you’ve got Finale open with your song loaded and ready to play.

    Open up the Windows Sound Recorder, or Audacity, or whatever program you use to record .wav files. Hit Record to get it started.

    Switch to Finale and hit play on your song. As Finale plays the song, your recording program should be capturing it into a .wav file. You should be able to see meters moving in the recording program to indicate that it is recording what you are hearing. When the song ends, hit stop in both programs to stop recording and playback.

    If everything went correctly, you should have a .wav version of your Finale song recorded in your sound recorder for use in brickfilms, etc.



    Thanks Rev! That worked for me…

    I recorded a piece that I’d written into Finale 2004. A friend of mine and I took the task of creating a score for the conductor. I wrote the brass parts and drums, while he’s writing the woodwind parts. I uploaded it to the net so you could listen to it if you want to. The song is called Happyland and is by Yûko Ueno. It’s quite a cool piece. This is only brass and drums since the other one isn’t finished with the woodwinds yet.

    EDIT: The file has been removed…



    Thanks very much Rev, it worked. Little note on that though: make sure not to have your MICROPHONE PLUGGED INto the computer.



    Yeah it is a pretty dumb idea now that I think of it. I tried it before though and it sounded pretty good.



    post deleted




    this was explained two months ago by RevMen.

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