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    Jack Prost

    Does anyone know how to change a MIDI file into wav?

    J. Prost



    You need to actually record the song as it’s being played. Keep in mind that different computers will have different midi sounds (sometimes very different) and so the same song won’t sound the same machine to machine. If you’ve got a SB Live! or any other sound card that supports soundfonts, you can load some General Midi replacements that sound way better than the standard sounds.

    Assuming you’re using Windows, double-click your volume control thingy in the tray and go to Options -> Properties.

    Click the “Recording” radio button. Find MIDI in the list and make sure there’s a check next to it. Then click OK.

    Now all of your volume controls will be for recording instead of playback. Click the checkbox under MIDI.

    Now whatever device you’re using to record sound will only “listen” to MIDI. Play the MIDI file with one program and record it with another.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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