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    For a long time now I have been using monkeyjam. It has been laggy and horrible as usual, the main problems I face with importing my pictures are the picture is the wrong kind of format, I cant import more than 25 pictures at a time, and lastly one of the big problems that I think we all face is the preview screen. Which I have come to the conclusion that I either need to find a new software or fix the problems with this one. If anyone could help me out with finding a new software for importing frames please let me know, Sean



    If your using a Mac like me, go with FrameByFrame. It’s a freeware program that’s just like MonkeyJam.

    For me, I can only import about 100 or so pictures before it starts lagging and not working (in FrameByFrame) so I usually export those 100 pictures and in the end place all the parts in iMovie and I’m done.

    MonkeyJam usually gives me errors too, which is why I now use FrameByFrame. Only other PC alternative I can give you is using Windows Movie Maker.



    Start using helium frog. It is free, an can import pictures 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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