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    Yesterday I was looking for a program (or a plug-in) that can render motion blur. What I found was this nice little piece of software:

    I tried the demo and it’s very nice, it really makes everything look more smooth. The only thing that isn’t so nice and little about it is the price.

    Does anybody know anything cheaper (or even free..?) or should I stick with doing every single frame in Photoshop?



    Although it doesn’t do quite as nicely, for video I would try videomach. There is also winmorph, but I don’t think it can handle video, only stills.


    Shadow the Rebel

    What program do you plan on using Mblur with?



    After Effects.



    Axogon Composer also has a motion blur function. The main difference between the VideoMach/Axogon blur effects and the mblur plugin is that mblur actually creates realistic vector blur, whereas the other two just overlay previous frames with a decreasing opacity rate. (the result is that you can see the previous frames faded in slightly, but there is no true “blurring” involved.) Hope this helps.



    The company that sells that is a really good company but there FX are always so good that rendering takes some time. Its THE tool for frame rate conversion. 60i to 24p, not an issue anymore. 🙂


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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