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    Mr. Less

    I’ve been writing a action flick about a bank heist, and the only thing i need is music! I would like to have your suggestions. 🙂



    Industrial music rocks 8) But if you don’t like that I suggest Power Metal 8) 8)

    Good Luck



    Well, music is a vast domain that greatly improve a movie.
    It is quite essential.

    Here are a few tricks to find some suitable music :
    – copy it from a movie/OST/album. It’s not legally ok, but you’ll easily find the music that fits to your action.
    – use classical. It’s more ok legally, and easy to find a theme provided you have some classical music knowledges
    – use copyright free music such as : free CDs or demos for sample CDs (I have dozens of them, and they are killing)
    – borrow a free music from or equivalent (ask the author/composer before)
    – ask your personnal talented composer to write one (sorry I’m too busy now ! 🙂 )
    – write your own music.

    You can eventually go on my own website where there is custom music. If you are interested by one song, we can have a (free) arrangment 😉


    Shootin Bricks

    Judas Priest- Breakin’ the Law



    ghost of mc

    iam laughhing with shootin bricks



    “ghost of mc” wrote: iam laughhing with shootin bricks

    You know Mc, you don’t annoy me anymore, you just make me laugh!

    LOL! 😀



    Get some heavy breakbeat, like the Prodigy… 8) 8)


    Mr. Less

    Yes thank you all for your help!



    Maybe like inside the lego movie “The Heist” you should have Mission Impossible as the music. Yelegoman put a link a while ago in the General Discussion forums that has many theme songs in mp3 format including Mission Impossible and a variety of others.

    My thoughts,



    you can use my stuff if you ask nicely:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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