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    Update: Scroll down a bit – I added a low-bandwidth .WMV version of the file

    Hey all,

    After lurking for ages I finally got off my backside and made a brickfilm – “Zombie Attack”. It’s 5.5 mins long, needs DivX 5.0.3 or higher and is 20Mb in it’s current form.

    It was created for the Breakpoint 2003 Demo Scene party in Germany where it came 9th in the Wild Demo compo – which I was royally chuffed with.

    So here you go take 2 weeks work, one DV camcorder, some poor lighting, booze and a desire to make a cheesy horror/comedy and check it out here : … attack.avi

    the wmv version (only 3.5Mb but the quality suffers) is here: … attack.wmv



    btw – I know there are a few lighting and camera issues 🙂 I really need to get a proper workspace …


    kowarama skip

    Hey Ragman welcome
    thanks for de-lurking

    I’m downloading review soon…

    I’m working secretly on a different version of Resident Evil, I’ll probably post the crappy clips I have left after my computer crapped out on me.



    I really don’t have the energy to devote to a nice big, detailed review right now… (I’m ill, and feeling quite sapped) BUT this film WILL get such a review from me in the near future for it is HIGHLY deserving.

    This was great, technically it suffered (lighting, slightly jerky animation, and some poor choice of camera angles/editing) But the technical side of things, while important, is not the be-all and end-all of an enjoyable film.
    This film was funny, quirky, made some old cliche’s fresh again, and very well voice acted.

    Great Job, and welcome to thr brickfilms forums 🙂

    OH – my only complaint, the file size was quite large for a 5 min movie…especially for one at 320×240, divx for the video, mp3 for the audio, you did everything right BUT play with the settings – it’s well worth the DL (even on Dialup like I am) but a smaller file will help to not “scare off” those who are wondering if 20Mb is worth their time from a newb..



    Thx for the early comments guys 🙂 I realise the file is a bit large but it’s just the way it came out of DivX 🙂 I prob need to drop the sound down further to shrink the file back a little.

    I did try Helix from Real in an effort to RM the file but mostly it was completely awful and it looked like I was watching my own movie after drinking 20+ pints of strong German beer so I decided to leave it as it is. If ppl have difficulty with a 20Mb d/load let em know and I’ll try other ways to reduce it a bit …



    That was very cool!

    I absolutely loved the quick, snappy dialogue. Much of it, particularly the guys in the theater, reminded me of Monty Python. The voices were all great. I suspect they were all done by the same person, but I can’t be sure. If so, you showed a great ability to separate out your characters. The pilot didn’t sound like the crazy old man didn’t sound like the main character, etc. I loved the sound of the zombies.

    The animation wasn’t a technical marvel, but it was always busy, there weren’t any real obvious shortcuts taken, and it definitely got the job done.

    The sound effects and music were pretty good. They fit pretty good and weren’t obnoxious or anything.

    Placing the gem on top of the thing to kill all the zombies was kind of cheesy, but other than that everything made sense, moved at a good pace, and was easy to understand.

    This movie scored very highly in the entertaining category, which to me is the most important. I’ll definitely watch it some more. The only thing that actually bothers me is the way the guy drove the car from the back seat. Why?


    For some reason, the zombie with the broom and a barrel on his head who gets shot in front of the old man’s house cracks me up every time I see him.



    😀 That’s a great film!

    Nice use of the Steven Speilberg sets!



    That was your first movie? Very impressive! You are going to do great in the LEGO movie making bussiness.



    :woo :woo That was D@RN good for a first movie!; even if this was like your 20th, it still would be awesome!!!



    It was indeed a film that has a lot to offer: a funny, well-thought out story, custom minifig faces, small but efficient sets, and one of the most elaborate uses of backdrops we’ve seen in brickfilms! A slight improvement on the lighting, such as making sure the plane doesn’t cast a shade on the sky, and a higher viewpoint to hide the change between photograph and lego set (in the case of the path that the car came from) would make them perfect!

    Yet another example that framerate isn’t everything. It does help, and we’re a bit spoiled on that matter, but lower framerates definitely work if the story works!

    Hope to see more from you!


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