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    I was working with bsol , and i came up with this , its not as good as it could of been , but im learning in time for Lego Survivor!



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    P.S. Eager to see bluescreen test. 🙂


    Participant … lness1.jpg

    that should work!!! if doesn’t post again. Mind you , its not that good… 🙂



    pretty cool I can’t see anything bad 🙂


    I don’t see why you think it is bad. The colors of the lego really could never match the color scheme of the real world ao it will always look weird. Good job.



    The hands are cut off, and the edges looks like BSOL had hunger.
    I guess your figs were too close agains the backdrop and the lighting was completly wrong.
    looking at the figs I see some blue clour reflection on them.
    For the next time try to reduce all reflections on the fig to minumum, like their are no reflections.
    Keep you figs far from the backdrop and make sure the focus is very sharp on the figure and blurry on the screen.

    For your lighting setup try next time use three lamps two with yellow light one on the front (make sure that tihs one don’t thouch the screen) and the second from the back.
    This will cut off the fig from the screen and create a depth in the picture and also create a edge which will make keying much easier.

    The third lamp with a light blue filter on the from you target on the blue screen. You need to amplify the colour blue of the screen by osing this lamp. Now blue will look like it’s blue for your cam. But be very carefull with this light source, this one may not hit any of the object in the scene.

    btw for more chroma key information just watch “Making of…. my new movie..)” soon on-line



    I will try again , thanks for commenting!!!



    Just try to get your bluscreen lighted from the back, so that there’s a very clear blue and so bsol will give you sharper results… Also beware of the cuttof… But I guess that’s Premiere 😛

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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