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    I finaly uploaded my first movie Bruce.
    Its a parody of a couple of movies.
    It was more of an experiment so dont try to understand the story to much.
    There are many error in the movie, i know, but anyway heres the link:

    Maybe somebody likes it.


    Edit: i changed spoofs into errors



    Well, I find it hard to believe that this was your first movie because it was so long. But I suppose it could be. It was okay,I didn’t really understand what was happening and I think you had some mature content. I’m no expert but I wouldn’t be suprised if this movie was judged to be too mature or something. It wasn’t very funny, but I could see a few spoofs in the movie. I also noticed you changed camera angles ALOT. I suggest you stay with one camera angle longer because all that changes really contributes to how smooth the movie is.
    Sound 3.5/5
    I noticed that a few sounds were out of place and that the action on the screen either had too many sounds, which made it overly confusing (especially with the subtitles, the rather jumpy animation and the many camera angles) Sound was okay, but it was one of the higher points.

    Visuals 2.9/5
    There were some nice touches here and there like the Star Wars beggining. However,as I said before, the animation was pretty choppy, and their were way too many changes of camera angle. Changing camera angles is good , but not THAT often. The movie visuals looked good early on, but generally fell short of my expectations. I would suggest you make a couple shorts and work on animation smoothness. This film looks a little rushed, take it from me , as I rush WAY too much. Patience, I think is the best tool in stop-motion. Set design was good, actually very good and I got to see every little bit of the sets with all those camera angles.

    Originality 3.4/5
    There were definetly alot of spoofs, but for the most part it was your own movie.

    Story/Plot 2/5
    I really didn’t understand this movie at all, I could see this movie being a much better short than a long movie.
    Overall(not an average) 5.3/10
    It was okay, and it was pretty good for a first movie, you did a lot of things right, but you also made about the same amount of mistakes. I’m no stop-motion king, but I would really suggest making a couple shorts, as I said before, and workig up from there to a long movie. Overall, this movie fell short of my expectations, but it was a good effort on a first film.



    Thanks for your review.

    Yeah it was really my first movie, it just felt like doing something like that.
    I am trying pretty much different things where i can be creative.
    Perhaps thats my first and last lego stopmotion movie i dont know.
    The story is kinda wierd i know its just here to keep the scenes together.

    The first stopmotion scene i ever did was the scenes after “1 year later” then ive done the blade scene and then the final war.

    I know that i did many errors (sorry i missused the word in my first movie as error).

    Btw. i think the movie is better when you understand german.

    And there are many insider spoofs that you couldnt understand.

    Well i thank you for your review.



    I think the German titles went by pretty quickly, even for someone who understands German.

    From what I could make out, the really funny parts of the film are in these titles. I love the “1 year later” part!

    Further, it is just a string of cliché-scenes strung together. Not unfunny, but mostly not my type of humour.

    Animation-wise, the framerate could be improved, and the lightsabers looked pasted onto the scene, mostly because the scene was dark and the sabers extremely bright.

    Don’t be put down by these comments: for a first movie you’ve come a long way. Well done!




    Ya, I was just telling you my opinion. I would love to see more films from you. I got some helpful/negative respones on my first film too! See:
    I got a lot of help and now I am a lot better. I think your film was actually pretty good for a first movie. I noticed you didn’t make my mistake, and you used a remote! If you like making movies, then I suggest you continue! Noone’s stopping you and I think you could be very good if you work on it!



    np i am open for all reviews comments 🙂



    I loved it destite what has already been said,

    I thoug it was an ok mix of starwars and blade for a first movie it was good!




    I dont understand german but heres my technical review….
    Ok it looked as if it was great quality the only problem was
    it seemed a little to dark to me. There were a bit to many
    word screens in the middle of the film sometimes at very
    random times. The lightsaber fights had good blades but the
    moves were not very impressive at all, they did not really move.
    I did not understand why they were fighiting smurfs……
    The cam sputtered at some points in the film but you couldent
    really tell. Other then all this it seemed great. Sorry if i am wrong
    about some of this but hey, Ich spreche Deutsch nicht. lol…



    hey nobody has to excuse themselve for there opinion or comments.

    Some comments:

    The Movie is a bit dark because it plays in the night.
    The quality of the pictures are sometimes better sometimes worse i know.
    I made a mistake with the layers during the lightsaber combat (they are overlapping wrong).
    The camera movement is jerky at times.
    I think the changing of the camera angle wasnt bad (except the scene where the killer is watching from the ego perspective and where bruce and qui gon mustafa are holding hands)
    Otherwise the set is changing all the time, but noone seems to notice that 😈

    But i think for a first movie it wasnt bad (it was the first time i ever did something with stopmotion and/or legomovies)

    Btw. i like how the vampires are dieing 🙂

    Thanks for your comments



    Hey man, I didn’t say it was bad! Nobady said it was bad. I have a right to state my own opinion. As you can see, I didn’t like but some people did. I’ve seen a lot of lego movies and I know what’s good and bad. That was somewhere in the middle, but I can see you will be a better director, you just need a little work. We are all rookies sometimes! Heck, in some people’s perspectives I’m still a rookie!

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