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    Its short, only about 107 frames in total running a few seconds. There are several elements I need to work on:
    1. Keep my hands out of the frame!
    2. Better lighting! Only used the light from the window and my body casts a shadow at times.
    2. Backdrop/background…
    3. build a better stage. Along with something more comfortable, as I got tired sitting on the floor taking pictures. 😛

    I used Stop Motion Pro v4 to put together the images, AlamDV2 for special effects and Premiere to add in the sound.

    Real Media version 900k in size. Looks ugly and plays ugly… :roll
    Windows Media Player 38MB (right click and save as if your bored)



    That was quite good I think.

    There was overall pretty smooth movements.
    You had used some neat effects.
    and your hand was there just once (you could have deleted that image in Stop Motion Pro. In the Editor part)

    Was the head-in-a-jar supposed to fly?

    107frames/10sek=about 10fps
    If I got that right you should use a higher framerate. I didn’t notice it though.



    Thanks for the feedback. I might just drop SMPv4 and use Premiere in replace of it. As for my hand, actually there where 3 more images that showed my hand, but i used Photoshop to stamp them out. I missed that one frame. Same thing for the stand the head up the head.

    I should of used a special effect to show that the head was floating better as well.

    10FPS sounds about right, I know that I toned it down so it would last a few seconds longer.



    That was very good for a test. The animation was ok, and the effects were neat. I only have one suggestion: Keep the camera still. It seemed to move, either that or it was the baseplate. Very good, looking forward to seeing a full film!




    Heh, yeah that was one of my other problems… (Falls under #3) I didnt have the baseplate secured to anything. 🙁 All in trial and error though as I create a “what not to do” list for myself. :wink

    I figure a few more “quickies” so I can get comfortable, then I’ll start working on a story. 🙂



    Nice for a start! 😮 Boy, are we getting some good newbies, don’t you think? 😀 Nice animation and effects! Could understand what was going on all the time!



    sweet short movie. I have that same set. The gun effects were ausome. Keep that up and you’ll have a fine movie soon.



    really good 🙂 i liked it!



    Thanks all for the good words! 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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