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    can some one tell me if this movie poster is any good for my street racing movie!!! thanks, corey



    Hey thats cool but you might want to make them standing on a road or something, not a desk with the wood markings in it.

    And also add some words on paint or another picture editing program.




    It’s a picture… 😕 Movie posters have words, Or a phrase on it.

    It’s a nice little screenshot but You don’t call that a poster. And most of the time the movie poster is a mixture of Everyone that is in the film is on the poster itself. It looks like a frame from the movie. So I would change it If I were you. First finish the film have your entire story down. Then think of a poster that can really say “Thats The Movie you are Seeing” A lot of movie posters is really a basic summary of what they (the viewer) is going to see. So to answer your question.. no it is not a really good movie poster. Keep trying though.

    EDIT: Ok I just noticed there are people in the screenshot. The glare on that picture is terrible you should fiddle with the lighting as well.



    i like the picture and i will fix the lighting and the picture is good because it’s about a street racing team so u can tell me if the poster goes with the movie when u see the movie also has anyone have the quick cam pro 4000 i’m getting it i want really goiod focus though does it have it, i have no editing systems wher can i get one



    A great editing program is:

    VideoMach (free) –

    Axgon Composer (free) –

    Look around bricksinmotion theres some good programs there.

    AlamDV – (it cost $80, but is good for sfx)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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